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The people of hellfire

March 12, 2008

al-Hasan al-BasriĀ said,

“The people of hellfire entered Hell while praising Allah in their hearts and could not prevent that”


Two innovations have appeared in Islam

March 12, 2008
“Two innovations have appeared in Islam:

  • a man of bad judgement who holds that the garden will be the reward only for those who see eye to eye with him,

  • and a man of luxury and extravagance who worships this world…

Reject these two for they are doomed to the Fire.”

Hasan al-Basri


“These ones have become tired of worship

March 12, 2008

Hasan al-Basri said when he came across a group of people disputing:

“These ones have become tired of worship, speaking has become easy for them, and their piety has diminished, and that is why they talk.”